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Have an urgent question or query about our website? Our frequently asked questions section below should have you covered. If not, feel free to reach out and a member of our team will be in touch to help you on your domain journey. 

Can you help us find our perfect domain?

Absolutely! We’re here to assist you in finding your perfect domain. Our platform is designed to make the domain search process seamless and efficient. Here’s how we can help:

Domain Name Suggestions: If you’re unsure about the exact domain name you want, our platform provides domain name suggestions based on your preferences. Simply provide us with keywords or a brief description of your business or idea, and we’ll generate a list of relevant and creative domain options to choose from.

Premium Domain Collection: We curate a premium collection of .CO.UK domain names to cater to various industries and niches. Browse through our handpicked selection of high-value domains that have the potential to elevate your online presence and make a lasting impression on your target audience.

Domain Expert Assistance: If you need personalized guidance or have specific requirements, our domain experts are here to help. Reach out to our knowledgeable team, and we’ll provide expert advice, domain name recommendations, and insights based on industry trends and best practices.

Seamless Domain Transfer: Once you’ve found your perfect domain on our platform, we ensure a seamless transfer of ownership. Our partnership with dan.com, owned by GoDaddy, guarantees a secure and hassle-free transfer process, allowing you to gain full control of your domain swiftly and efficiently.

Are there any hidden costs to buying a domain?

No, there are no hidden costs when you buy a domain from us. We believe in transparency and providing a straightforward pricing structure to our customers. The costs written on this website and at DAN.COM are what you will pay. Any additional fees will be incurred on our side. 

We are committed to delivering a transparent and fair domain buying experience. Our aim is to provide exceptional value without any hidden costs, empowering you to make informed decisions and confidently establish your online presence.

How quickly are domain transfers?

At Domain Arcade, we understand the importance of a swift and seamless domain transfer process. When you purchase a .CO.UK domain from us and choose to store it with GoDaddy, you can expect a quick transfer experience. Here’s what you need to know about the domain transfer timeline:

Initiation: Once you complete the purchase of your desired .CO.UK domain on our platform, the domain transfer process begins. This involves initiating the transfer request and preparing the domain for transfer to your GoDaddy account.

Authorization Code: To initiate the transfer, you may need to provide an authorization code, also known as an EPP code or transfer key. This code ensures that you have the necessary authority to transfer the domain. We will provide you with the authorization code promptly to help expedite the process. You will be assigned one of our domain experts to walk you through the process.

Confirmation and Email Notifications: Upon initiating the transfer, you will receive email notifications from both our platform and GoDaddy to confirm the transfer request. These notifications will provide details about the transfer status and any further actions required on your part.

Transfer Approval: As part of the transfer process, you will need to approve the transfer in your GoDaddy account. This typically involves following a link provided in the transfer confirmation email and confirming your authorization to transfer the domain to your account.

Transfer Completion: Once you have approved the transfer and fulfilled any necessary requirements on the GoDaddy side, the domain transfer will be completed. The exact duration for the transfer to be finalized can vary but is typically completed anywhere between 5 to 7 days.

It’s important to note that the transfer timeline can be influenced by factors such as the responsiveness of the involved parties and the accuracy of the provided information during the transfer process. However, our team and GoDaddy are committed to facilitating a smooth and timely transfer experience.

Please note that the actual domain transfer process and timeline may be subject to GoDaddy’s policies and procedures. We recommend consulting with their support team for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding domain transfers.

Are prices on your website negotable?

Yes, the prices on our website are negotiable (for certain domains). We understand that every customer’s needs and circumstances are unique. If you have a specific budget or would like to discuss pricing options, we are open to exploring potential negotiations to find a mutually beneficial solution. Our goal is to ensure that you have access to the perfect .CO.UK domain name while accommodating your financial considerations. Feel free to reach out to our team to initiate a conversation about pricing and explore possibilities.

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